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Commandant Police Training School Gishari


Police Training School (PTS) Gishari is one of Rwanda National Police Schools and College. It was established in the year 2000 right after the establishment of Rwanda National Police; it is located in Eastern Province, Rwamagana District, Gishari sector, Bwinsanga Cell, Shaburondo village.

To facilitate the training activities, PTS GISHARI is divided into four training wings namely: Basic Police Course wing which trains recruited civilians who graduate as police constables, Cadet Course wing which trains serving police officers and newly recruited graduate civilians who become Assistant Inspector of Police after graduation, Peace Operation Training Centre (POT) wing which provides Peace Operations pre-deployment training to Formed Police Units, Protection Support Units and Individual Police Officers as well as Specialized and Career Courses wing (SCC) that conducts different career courses for serving police officers and other courses when requested.

Our Vision

A Centre of Excellence in Police Training and Development

Our Mission

To develop human resource capacity/skills for the evolving security environment

Core Values

  • PTS staff abide to the following values
  • - Fairness and respect for Human
  • - Rights,
  • - Professional conduct
  • - Integrity and Quality Service
  • - Teamwork
  • - Time bound
  • - Relevance and Accountability


Knowledge, skills and professionalism

Courses Offered at PTS Gishari

PTS Gishari offers following courses:

Basic Police Courses

Basic Police Course is the starting point of the police career and meant for recruited civilians, it takes fifty two (52) weeks training period. Intakes have been successfully conducted since 2001.

Cadet Course

Cadet course is attended by selected serving police officers among noncommissioned officers and other ranks as well as newly recruited civilians who completed undergraduate studies, it takes fifty (50) weeks of training to graduate cadet course.

NCOs Courses

Non-commissioned officers'course is designated to equip selected NOs with required knowledge and skills to perform basic command and leadership duties and stand in position of Police station commander in his/her absence.

Instructor Course

Instructors' course is designated to update Rwanda National Police instructors on new training methodolgies and instructional aids, it takes eight (08) weeks training period and covers the following subjects : Drills and Duties, Skills at arms, Military sciences, methods of instructions, development of instructional aids, use of test in training, Lesson plan and delivery, classroom management techniques, psychology of learning, effective communication among others. Seven (07) intakes of instructors' course have been completed as of now.

Driving Courses

Driving courses are designated to equip Rwanda National Police drivers with necessary driving skills and basic vehicle maintenance to reduce road accidents and warrant the proper handling of Rwanda National Police vehicles.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

SWAT Course which takes twenty four (24) weeks is designated to equip selected police officers with skills and rights attitute to carry out special operations that require speed shooting drills and skills in small number of operators. It covers obstacles crossing, transitional shooting, tactical and emergency reloads, stress shooting, close quarter combat among others.

FPU Course

Formed Police Units Course is specifically organized to equip selected police officers with knowledge and skills that will enable them to effectively carry out mandated tasks once deployed in peace mission areas. Trainees are taught different UN standards that guide UN police in mission area. They include but no limited to Introduction to UN Peace operations, Legal framework, protection of civilian, mandated tasks, Police techniques and tactics, skills at arms, public order management, Human rights due diligence policy and other UN policies related to Peace operations, conduct and discipline, UN Core values and competencies, Principles that guide peace operations among others. Prior to deployment FPUs are assessed to evaluate their operation capabilities by UN Formed Police Assessment Team (FPAT). FPU training takes twelve weeks and we have successfully conducted 43 Rotational Formed Police Units Courses and 06 Protection Support Units.

FPU Command Element Course

FU Command element course is normally conducted to equip FPUs' Commissioned officers composing the command element with knowledge and skills that will enable them to effectively perform command and leadership duties in mission area. The rationale behind this training is the difference between domestic policing and policing in mission areas, commanders need to come out their national standards and doctrine then adhere to UN police standards and doctrine.