Rwanda National Police

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The world today is increasingly facing changing trends of security challenges. Emerging threats in different forms have affected some states and criminals are operating with no border limits. To deal with such a situation, Rwanda National Police embarked on international cooperation as means of forging a partnership with other Police institutions on bilateral level, regional and international police organizations in fighting transnational and cross-border organized crimes.

In the last 15 years, RNP partnerships have tremendously grown locally, regionally and internationally with partners  such the Interpol – the world's largest police organization with 190 member countries, whose primary role is to assist law enforcement agencies around the world in combating all forms of transnational crimes and the International and IACP, a body that aims at contemporary policing for a safer word while advancing the profession of police institutions by promoting enhanced cooperation and the exchange of information between police institutions.

At the continental level, RNP has played a crucial role in formation and strengthening of some continental policing organs such as the formation of Interpol continental wing dubbed the African Police Cooperation Organisation (AFRIPOL) to fight crime on the African continent – an idea initiated by Rwanda. Rwanda’s idea to create AFRIPOL was adopted by African Police Chiefs during their meeting in Algiers, Algeria held in February last year. 

Famous Quotes from Partners:

Lamin M. Manneh - UN Resident Coordinator

The role of RNP in ensuring safety and protection of lives and property comprises not only law enforcement but also participation in the socio-economic welfare of the community through the provision of necessities like houses to the needy and sensitization campaigns, which have enabled the practical interpretation of laws and enabled citizens to understand their role in fighting crime.

Another factor which the UN family recognizes about RNP in its fifteen years of operation is the emphasis it has placed on women empowerment (women comprise of 20 percent of the total force). Rwanda offers more female officers in peacekeeping operations than any other country – and they have been noted for their strict professional code that has won them the hearts of the people in the communities they serve.

Marie Immaculée Ingabire - Chairperson of Transparency International-Rwanda

With a political leadership that demands a zero tolerance to corruption, RNP has standout tall to meet this demand. In the modern era where police institutions all over the world are being castigated by the public for accepting and soliciting bribes, RNP has stood out at an example of true professionalism by strongly fighting against such bad elements in society.

Corruption undermines the effectiveness of law enforcement and erodes public confidence in law enforcement and justice. I have personally been outspoken on this issue for many years and firmly believe that effective policing requires combating of all forms of corruption in the performance of policing functions and the promotion of high standards of honesty, integrity and ethical behavior for police officers.

RNP should continue on this good path, well knowing that this fight against corruption is a daily battle.

 Paul Jules Ndamaje - Former Mayor of Kicukiro District

 From the time RNP was inaugurated, it has emphasized the need to integrate police officers into neighborhoods and make them part of the community – which to me is the better solution to combating urban crime.

For a long time until the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, the fear of crime had an incredibly corrosive effect on individuals and entire communities, and those who were entrusted to promote lawfulness were part of those committing the crimes.

But things have tremendously changed for the better. RNP now recognizes that people not only need to be safe, but they also need to feel safe – and this has led to crime reduction and increased cooperation with the public to directly confront crime and apprehend criminals.

Adolph Mutangana, Commercial motorcyclist

 As a daily road user, I interact with traffic officers on a regular basis and am impressed with the way they respond to every challenge that we motorists face.

We have been assured that promoting traffic safety is not just a role of Police but the role of every road user, and in our cooperatives, we have taken on this challenge by ensuring that those who violate traffic rules are reported to police in a timely manner.

It is therefore clear that when law enforcement works directly with residents, motorists and the business community, they are going a long way toward reducing crime, improving quality of life, and enhancing public safety.

David Hategekimana –Resident of Kicukiro

RNP community policing initiative has increased the feeling of security in the neighborhoods and has also helped police to establish trust within the community.

As a citizen of Rwanda, I have been encouraged to become more active in taking care of the security and safety of my community through timely partnership with Police, and many other residents are also now aware of what police officers actually do on a day-to-day basis. This has improved police-community relations and ultimately led to better quality of life.

Norbert  Hategekimana – a Youth Volunteer in Crime Prevention

RNP has promoted the role of youth in crime prevention and has fostered their involvement in planning and carrying out strategies to prevent violence in their communities.

Now, the youth contribute a valuable amount of time and many of them throughout the country are volunteers in fighting crime and sensitizing their communities about the dangers of involving in lawlessness. Police has ensured that the youth do this work diligently by extending constant training to them through their organization.