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Traffic Fines

There are two types of infringement notices (tickets) related to traffic offences issued by Rwanda National police: electronic tickets and camera detected tickets.

An electronic ticket issued to a driver by Traffic Police officers through their mobile devices. The ticket notice is sent directly to your mobile number. An electronic ticket is issued only after having a face-to-face conversation with a police officer. An electronic ticket is never auto-generated without contact from a police officer.

A camera-detected ticket is for speeding offences or red light camera offences. A ticket is sent to the owner of the vehicle based on the registration details via SMS.  The SMS issued will have these various details, including the date and time of the offence

  • The location of the offence
  • The location speed limit and the alleged speed of the detected vehicle (speeding offences only)
  • The fine amount of the offence
  • Last date to pay fines (without additional late fees)

Note: A Traffic Police office may issue a non-electronic ticket (fine) to a foreign registered car and/or during special circumstances such as failure of technical systems.

Infringement fee(s) are payable within three (3) days from the date on notice was issued. If unpaid by the final due date, an additional late payment fee will be applied.  

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