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Motor vehicles need regular safety inspections to remain on the road. You will be required to inspect your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle meets safety requirements and standards depending on the motor-vehicle use: every six (6) months for commercial moto-vehicles and every year for personal use motor vehicles.

Rwanda National Police will send you a notice a month before the due date via SMS on conditional that your current personal details are updated.

Note: the law provides that a brand new vehicle is required to go for technical inspection two (2) years from the time of make.

However, we recommend that you inspect your car as many times as possible.

You will need:

  • To check if you don't have any unpaid traffic fine
  • To book an appointment and pay a service fee on
  • On the day of the inspection, arrive at the testing centre on time. If you are late, you will  not be received unless you have justified reasons
  • To present proof payment, appointment, identity (National ID or resident Card), logbook (Carte Jaune), insurance and driving licence

Apply For Auto-mobile Inspections

What next after the inspections?

If your vehicle passes the technical inspection

Once your vehicle passes the technical inspection, you will immediately be given a certificate commonly known as a vignette.

If your vehicle fails the technical inspection

You will immediately receive results indicating mechanical faults to be rectified.

Do the repairs and apply for a second visit within 14 days. The amount paid for any returning inspection(s) is 20% of the original amount (first visit), depending on the category of the vehicle.

Do not use the vehicle for normal activities before it passes the technical inspection.

Apply For Auto-mobile Inspections

Changing your automobile inspection appointment

You are encouraged to respect your appointment (time and date)

However, you can go to any nearest auto-mobile inspection centre in case of justified reason or call the Head of Customer Service on 0788311533, 24 hours before the appointment. You can also send an email to commdai@police.gov.rw

Applying for a copy of the automobile inspection certificate(Vignette)

If you lose or damage your automobile inspection certificate (vignette), you can apply for a duplicate and pay a fee on Irembo. Take the receipt at your nearest auto-mobile inspection centre, where you will be given a copy.

Transfer of ownership (Mutation)

It is not advised to transfer vehicle ownership after making an appointment for a technical inspection. If the transfer is done before the technical inspection, you will be required to re-book and pay again because our system is plate number based.

If the transfer is done when the vehicle still has a valid certificate (vignette), you need to keep the copy of the logbook (Carte Jaune) that the vehicle had before the transfer. This will help you justify that the vehicle that was inspected only that the plate number changed.