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Welcome to Rwanda National Police

Every day, the Rwanda National Police officers and employees work tirelessly with courage and dedication to deliver essential policing services respectfully and professionally, be there for you in emergencies, and ensure that your environment is free of crime and disorder. It is what you expect of us, and it is our duty.

Successful policing requires support, trust and goodwill sprouting from a strong partnership with you, the people we serve. Therefore, this website provides a significant opportunity to continue engaging with you, communicating effectively and transparently while serving you.

On this website, we will provide you with useful information related to crime prevention, safety tips, and ways to access some services online and how you can get involved to make the community safer.

We will always strive to provide the highest standards of policing service to you all every day. However, if we do not meet your expectations, let us know; we are committed to reviewing and improving the way we serve you.


Inspector-General of Police

About Rwanda National Police

Rwanda National Police was established in 2000, our powers and responsibilities are prescribed under a legislative framework.

Rwanda National Police is responsible for ensuring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the safety and security of persons and property on the entire territory of the Republic of Rwanda.

Our Vision

People in Rwanda are safe, involved and reassured.

Our Mission

Rwanda National Police is dedicated to deliver high quality service, accountability and transparency, safeguard the rule of law and provide safe and crime free environment for all.

Core Values

Justice and respect for human rights, Integrity,Stability and social order, Team work and partnership, Openness, Accountability, Community relation focus, Professional conduct, efficiency and effectiveness.