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Definitive Driving Licence

A definitive driving licence is needed before you drive on the road without a supervisor (Co-driver). This keeps everyone safe on the road. A definitive driving licence requires passing a practical driving test.

Who can apply for a definitive driving licence?

You must be 18 and above, have a valid provisional driving licence and have taken driving courses. 

What is the practical driving test?

The practical driving test is conducted in the presence of a testing officer, who assess your driving skills in a more complex situation and different road conditions, your ability to detect hazard and safe driving behaviour. To pass the test, you need to obtain 100% marks.

When you feel you are ready, you will need:

  • To apply and pay a fee online via Irembo  
  • On the day of the test, arrive at the testing centre early. If you are late, you will not be able to sit for a test that day
  • To show your identifications and proof of payment, including provisional drivers licence, national identification card or resident card and your code number issued by Irembo before being allowed to sit for the exam

Is any motor-vehicle accepted?

The testing officer will check your moto-vehicle before the test to ensure it is roadworthy. They will check things like:

  • tyres, indicators and brake lights
  • a valid motor-vehicle inspection certificate
  • no due fines
  • other deformities

A moto-vehicle that cannot pass the inspection will not be allowed in the practical driving test.

Note: For the moment, automatic cars and electronic bikes are not allowed to be used in the practical test.

What next after the practical driving test?

If you pass the test
  • Apply for a definitive driving licence card here
  • A definitive driving licence is issued within ten (10) days. You will be notified once it is available
If you don't pass the test

You can re-apply for another practical test. You will have to pay for the test again with an application fee as previously done.

Apply For Definitive Driving Licence Card