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PHOTOS: Pupils of Path to Success International School acquire fire safety skills

On Tuesday, February 20, the Fire and Rescue Brigade received 153 pupils of Path to Success International School based in Kicukiro District, as well as their teachers, who visited the Rwanda National Police (RNP) General Headquarters in Kacyiru to learn more about fire emergencies and safety measures.

It is part of the RNP proactive move to enhance community safety.

The pupils and their teachers were given both theory and practical fire safety sessions on types of fire emergencies, components, and preventive measures.

Practical sessions included hands-on experience in extinguishing small fires using portable fire extinguishers, fire trucks and the crane truck used to rescue people trapped in high-rise buildings.

"It is a good experience to know the things we do at home, which can ignite fire emergency, but I have also learnt how to use portable fire extinguishers, powder and water to put out small fires," said Joy Ishimwe, one of the pupils.

Path to Success International School has made fire safety part of its curriculum to educate children reckless practices that can cause fire in their respective homes.

This is, therefore, the third time that the school has conducted a study tour at the RNP General Headquarters to learn about fire safety.

Miriam Mirembe, the Deputy Director of the school, expressed gratitude to the Rwanda National Police for extending the training to the future leaders, emphasizing its importance in fostering a clear understanding of fire safety.

"This is a crucial programme that provides staff and students with a comprehensive understanding of fire safety in both their homes and schools.

We also have a variety of science and global perspectives as lessons where children learn a variety of activities including fire," Mirembe said.

She added: "As you know, children often play with fire, sometimes they don't care about the dangers involved. We want them to know that the fire is bad, and we want them to know how to deal with the fire. That's why we bring them to the fire brigade to learn how to prevent and fight the fire."  

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Paul Gatambira, the Commanding Officer for Fire and Rescue Brigade, thanked the school for introducing the children to fire safety programmes at a young age and bring them up as responsible people in their homes, schools and communities.

This, he added, emphasizes the ongoing training and awareness initiatives by the Fire and Rescue Brigade across the country, equip different groups of people with the necessary knowledge and basic skills to prevent and address fire outbreaks in homes and workplaces.

“The collaborative effort between the Rwanda National Police and education institutions demonstrates a commitment to community safety and underscores the importance of proactive measures in preventing and managing fire emergencies. 

As the participants return to their classrooms and homes, they carry with them not only newfound knowledge but also the confidence to act swiftly and decisively in the face of potential fire hazards,” ACP Gatambira said.

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