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PHOTOS: Gerayo Amahoro awareness extended to over 5000 students in Eastern Province

The Gerayo Amahoro road safety education was on Wednesday, November 15, extended to over 5000 students in various schools in the Eastern Province.

The practical road safety awareness enlightened the schoolchildren on safer ways to cross the road; look left-right-and-left again before crossing, using a zebra crossing, and the meaning of different road signs.

They were also urged to always walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic, avoid crossing while using a phone or earphones, to refrain from playing in the middle of the road and other dangerous behaviors that might lead to accident and loss of lives.

Gerayo Amahoro campaign was also extended to taxi-moto operators, drivers and cyclists to influence behavioral change and a culture of respecting traffic regulations.

They were told to respect pedestrian rights, avoid overloading and over speeding, drunk-driving, not to use a phone when driving or riding, and motorcyclists to carry only one passenger.

Cyclists were also reminded to do away with dangerous habits of holding onto moving trucks, sometimes leading to loss of lives.