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Motorists reminded to use driver's license for intended category

Driver's licenses have classes that entitles one to ride a motorcycle or allows you to drive a certain class of vehicle.

However, some holders use them to drive unauthorized vehicle categories, which is a serious traffic offence. Some of the drivers have been arrested or penalized for this violation.

One of them is Jean Baptiste Harerimana, who was arrested Saturday, January 21, in Gikondo, Kicukiro District driving a trailer. 

Harerimana holds a Category B driver's license, which only entitles him to drive a passenger vehicle. 

"Harerimana had brought a trailer for mechanical inspection in Gikondo, where the mobile lane is stationed. Trailers or trucks are driven by people with valid category E driver's license," CP John Bosco Kabera, the RNP spokesperson said.

The trailer was also impounded.

The automobile inspection Centres, he said, record at least three similar cases everyday, and warned against such illegal acts.

"You have to be certified and must have passed a driving test and given a driver's license category to drive a certain class of vehicle. These are processes undertaken to prevent or reduce accidents and fatalities that may arise out of unlawful use of driver's permit," CP Kabera said.

Driving License Categories

Definitive driving license categories differ by the vehicle capacity or class.

Categories range from A, A1, B, B1, C, D, D1, E, F and every category defines a vehicle that a holder is authorized to drive.

Presidential Decree regulating traffic Police and road traffic, provides that "no person shall drive on the public highway, a motor vehicle if her/she is not holding and carrying a driving license issued by the Rwanda National Police.

The driver must provide a driving license when asked by a qualified agent.