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IN PICTURES: Gerayo Amahoro takes centre stage in after-Umuganda discussions

Using the road safely to prevent accidents and loss of lives was the centre of community discussions on Saturday, May 27, after the monthly communal work--Umuganda--as Rwandans gathered in their respective communities across the country to discuss crucial security and development matters.

It is one of the series of Gerayo Amahoro national road safety campaign targeting all categories of road users, spearhead by Rwanda National Police (RNP) to reverse the trend of road fatalities and to make road safety both a choice and culture.

Police officers engaged community members in different villages to educate them on traffic rules and regulations and highlighted human behaviors that contribute to road crashes.


Don't drink and drive.

Avoid using a phone when riding.

Don't drive when you are sick or on serious medication.

Drive on the right lane. The left lane is only used to overtake slow moving automobiles.

Don't driver under stress.

Respect speed limits.

Respect pedestrian rights (zebra crossing, sidewalks).

Avoid any distraction when driving/riding.

Pedestrians should always use zebra crossing safely where they exist.

Pedestrian: Before crossing, look both sides of the road vigilantly to ensure that there is no moving traffic or if automobiles have stopped to give way.

Don't cross the road using a phone.

Children should not be allowed on the road without the supervision of a responsible person holding their hand.

Don't put children in front seats or to play in the vehicle.

Protect children from putting the head or arm out of the car window.

Always pay maximum attention when using the road as a driver, motorcyclist, cyclist, pedestrian or passenger.

Give way to ambulances.

Cyclists are not allowed to operate after 6p.m.

Taxi-moto operators should always avoid reckless maneuvers.