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IN PICTURES: Gerayo Amahoro campaign in schools

Gerayo Amahoro campaign continued in different schools across the country with the aim of making road safety a choice and culture.

On Wednesday, May 24, the campaign reached students from 101 primary and secondary schools, and higher institutions of learning in different parts of the country.

In the city of Kigali, the campaign was conducted in 20 schools, 22 in the Eastern Province, 26 in Northern Province, and 26 schools in Southern Province and 7 in Western Province.

The awareness in schools will improve students' behaviour on the road as they are among vulnerable road users.

Lessons that were given to students include using sidewalks, zebra crossing where they exist, looking both sides of the road before crossing, avoiding playing on the road; using seatbelt, children not to seat in front, among others.

Road crashes are the leading cause of death among children and adults aged between 5 and 29 years, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Students fall in that age range and always on the road. To make sure they are safe, it is imperative that they understand traffic rules and regulations, understand behaviors that put them at risk and develop a culture of using the road safely.

Road safety awareness in school is not only a learning opportunity for student but also their teachers as well as school staff in general, who have to responsibility to mentor these future leaders.

“Being reckless and distracted on the road is very dangerous; people lose their lives without forgetting those who are severely injured sometimes resulting into permanent disability. Understanding traffic rules and regulations at that young age helps them to grow up as responsible road users, either as pedestrians, passengers or drivers," CP John Bosco Kabera, the RNP spokesperson, said.

To Ange Ian Ruberwa, a student at Saint Ignace secondary school in Gasabo District, safety should be an individual and collective responsibility.

“From today’s lessons on Gerayo Amahoro, we have learnt that our lives are valuable, we have to protect ourselves from any harm.  There are some practices that we had no idea were reckless, which could lead to roads crashes, but now we are informed.

The awareness was very educated and it will bring positive impact towards our behaviour on the road,” said Ruberwa.

The awareness on use of fast lane also continued on various roads in City of Kigali and on different highways.

The left lane or passing lane on duo and multi-lane roadways can only be used by fast-moving vehicles for overtaking.

For smooth traffic flow, motorists are required to drive on the right lane after overtaking slower traffic.