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GERAYO AMAHORO: Safety tips for motorcyclists

On Thursday, May 25, Rwanda National Police (RNP) sensitized thousands of taxi-moto operators across the country on traffic rules and regulations as part of the strengthened national Gerayo Amahoro road safety campaign.

Considering that motorcyclists are among the majority victims of road crashes, it is imperative to educate them on safety practices for them to refrain from dangerous and behaviors, which lead to loss of lives and life-threatening injuries.

Last year, over 650 fatalities were recorded across the country, and more than 150 were taxi-moto operators.

Safe and secure road transport is an important aspect of public health and contributes to economic and social development of a society.

To ensure safety on road, motorcyclists are required to observe the following:

When you drink don't ride

A motorcyclist and passenger should always wear a helmet

Respect speed limits

Be safe, avoid maneuvers

Don't use a phone when riding

Respect pedestrian rights (zebra crossing, don't ride on sidewalks)

It is unlawful to modify or conceal number plates

Avoid parking in prohibited areas

Don't ride when you are sick or taking strong medication

Don't take more than one passenger

Always ride on the left side of the road