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GERAYO AMAHORO: Mufti Hitimana urges Muslims to respect traffic rules

The Mufti of Rwanda, Sheikh Salim Hitimana said that putting lives at risk on the road is a sin and that respecting traffic rules and regulations to save lives reflects the Islamic values.

The Mufti was speaking on Friday, May 26, during a Jummah prayer at the Islamic Cultural Centre commonly known as Gaddafi mosque in Nyamirambo as Rwanda National Police (RNP) launched Gerayo Amahoro road safety campaign in religions.

“By following traffic rules and regulations, you are saving yourself and others but if you violate them you might be killed or kill fellow road users. Risking your life and that of others is a sin in front of Allah. The word of Allah teaches us not to kill, as believers, we should wish each other well and act responsibly," Sheikh Hitimana said.

He added: "The life we have is an irreplaceable gift from Allah. So, we are asked to protect our lives and that goes with being careful on the road. Our participation in having safer roads for everyone is to comply with rules and regulations because we are doing it for our own good and safety.”

Rachid Bawiri said that he was hearing about Gerayo Amahoro but didn't know its intended purpose.

He said: "Personally, I was hearing of Gerayo Amahoro but today, Rwanda National Police brought this campaign to our us. This lesson is important because it will help us to change our behaviors; how we use the road as pedestrians and motorists.

We use roads in our everyday life, they are part of our development, so by making them safe we are simply contributing to our development."

To Abdallah Nzabanita Rugumiriza, Gerayo Amahoro reminded them of their role as responsible road users to prevent accidents.

“In Gerayo Amahoro, we are reminded of the importance of safe roads to our children, siblings, parents and community. It is a time to reflect on how we use the road knowing that we risk someone's life when we use the road inappropriately," Rugumiriza said.