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Gerayo Amahoro campaign rolled out in public institutions

On Friday, June 2, Rwanda National Police (RNP) delivered a road safety education to the staff of Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) as the force kicked off Gerayo Amahoro campaign in public and private institutions.

It is one of the series of Gerayo Amahoro campaign to be extended to different road users in an effort develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and more importantly - values that enable pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers and passengers to make road safety a choice and culture.

The RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, while delivering a road safety lesson to the RRA staff, said that public institutions are among entities employing a big number of people, who need to understand safer ways of using the road.

“Extending Gerayo Amahoro campaign to institutions is one of many approaches of reaching all road users in the country.

The RRA employees use the road everyday to and from work as drivers, passengers and pedestrians. It is therefore important to be aware of traffic rules and regulations to be safe from accidents," CP Kabera said.

He urged them to be ambassadors of Gerayo Amahoro for the safety messages to reach many people, including family members, children and friends.

The road safety education enlightened the RRA staff on how to behave while on the road in order to prevent road crashes and related fatalities.

They include safe overtaking at the right place, regulating speed, avoiding using the phone when driving or crossing the road, drunk-driving, walking on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic, maximum vigilance when crossing the road either at crosswalks or where they don't exist.

“To be safe on the road, you have to respect all traffic rules. There are people, who walk on the road carefree; pedestrians who cross the road wearing headphone or distracted, those who drive recklessly using their cellphone or drunk. These are human behaviors causing fatal accidents. Respecting traffic rules is for your safety and making roads safer for everyone,” CP Kabera said.

Jean Paulin Uwitonze, the Assistant Commissioner in charge of Taxpayer Services and Communications at RRA, appreciated the RNP efforts to educate all Rwandans on how to be safe on the road.

“Most of us are drivers, we have driving license but there are some road traffic rules that we were not aware of. This is an opportunity for us to listen and learn more on how to use the road safely while respecting other people's rights. It teaches us that learning is continuous, especially when it concerns our safety," Uwitonze said.