Fire and Rescue


This is the operational unit in the National Police in regard to:

  •  Fire Safety precautions
  •  Rescue in Fire Emergencies
  •  Rescue in Pit Holes


  •  Training of Personnel
  •  Sensitizing citizens on fire safety precautions measures
  •  Training of public workers on the emergencies.
  •  Rescuing people.

EQUIPMENT: We have 2 equipped fire vehicles and 1 Equipped rescue vehicle.

LOCATION: At Gikondo Adjacent Magerwa, Kigali City

OPERATIONAL AREA: Country wide (Nationwide)

TIME OF OPERATION: 24/24 Hours in Services

CONTACT: Mobile. 0788311120, 0788311224 Fixed Telephone. 570195

ADVICE TO RWANDANS: Don't give Fire a place to start. "From the CO Fire Brigade"

We prepare to deliver the following services

  1. Building fire warden duties/Responsibilities.
  2. Fire warden duties.
  3. Major fire safety violations.
  4. Electrical Appliances.
  5. Flammable Liquids.
  6. What causes Fires.
  7. Fire Safety Awareness Tips.
  8. How to use Fire Extinguishers.
  9. What to do in case of Fire.