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Police officers complete motorcycle safety course

Twenty Police officers, on Tuesday, March 19, completed a 'Motorcycle Driving in Emergency Situation and Traffic Management' course at the Police Training School (PTS) Gishari in Rwamagana District.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Operations, Vincent Sano presided over the pass-out of the four-week course conducted in partnership with Carabinieri, the Italian Police.

The course was designed to ensure the safety of the Rwanda National Police (RNP) motorcycle riders in road traffic related operations.

During the four weeks, the traffic Police motorcycle operators gained skills in safe riding techniques, traffic patrolling, combination of braking and fast acceleration, basic motorcycle operations and hand signals, and braking skills.

Other areas covered include collision avoidance, motorcycle patrol techniques, motorcycle escort convoy, off-road riding, riding in pairs and squads, street and freeway riding.

DIGP Sano said that training remains a prime aspect in the RNP to maintain high level of performance, professionalism and instill force doctrines.

"The rapid economic development that Rwanda has recorded over the years and its openness to foreign investors and visitors has understandably increased the number road users both day and night on one hand," DIGP Sano said.

As a result, he added, this has also increased the number of visiting VIPs stretching the RNP tasks to escort duties.

"The increase of demands and acquisition of new motorcycles created knowledge and skills gaps. We need to have a big number of police officers, who are able to operate motorcycles especially in emergency situations since it requires specific training that involve speed driving satisfy the security demands of VIPs and high profile visitors and dignitaries," the Deputy Police Chief said.

He reminded the trainees that the knowledge and skills acquired should serve the purpose to add value to ensure the institutional performance growth.

DIGP Sano further commended the productive cooperation between the RNP and Carabinieri.

Col. Francesco Sessa, Carabinieri Liaison Officer thanked the trainers and trainees for their inspiration, innovation and discipline which made the course a success.