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GERAYO AMAHORO: IGP Namuhoranye urges taxi-moto operators on behavior change

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) CG Felix Namuhoranye urged taxi-moto operators to change their behavior on the way they use the road.

While speaking to thousands of taxi-moto operators at Kigali Pele stadium, on Monday, March 25, the Police Chief observed that reckless road usage, especially by commercial motorcyclists has continued to cause fatal accidents.

"Exhibit the discipline and behaviour that puts safety first when using the road," IGP Namuhoranye said.

He added: “You contribute a lot to community and national development. We know that when we call you to execute something of public interest, you heed positively. In the same way, we expect to see change in your transport operations in respect to traffic rules and regulations."

He called for respect for Zebra Crossing and other pedestrian crosswalks; desisting from wrong and dangerous overtaking, using the phone while riding, reckless maneuvers wrong turns, using phone, speeding and other reckless practices that lead to loss of lives.

Out of 89 road accidents registered between January and February this year, 16 of them were caused by reckless taxi-moto operators. This resulted into 19 fatalities, including 10 taxi-moto operators, six passengers and three pedestrians.

IGP Namuhoranye asked the commercial motorcyclists to be professional in their usual transport business and to not operate under the Police watch but rather make road safety a choice of culture.

The Mayor of City of Kigali, Samuel Dusengiyumva thanked the taxi-moto operators for their contribution to national development and particularly in keeping Kigali clean, green and safe.

“Your contribution in the transport sector is very paramount, your role to have our city clean, green and secure is appreciated; we urge you to maintain that which goes with making our roads safe as well," Mayor Dusengiyumva said.