RNP trains RICA students, staff on fire safety

Fire outbreak affect the economy and development of an individual and the country in general.

House fires, particularly, destroy the property, cause lose in bussiness, affect development as money is spent to renovate the destroyed property as well as a threat to life.

In most cases, these fires  are caused by human actions.

In order to prevent these fire incidents, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) Fire and Rescue Brigade (FRB) has continued to raise awareness across the country on preventive measures and equipping different people in public and private institutions, commercial facilities and business centres, with basic skills to detect what can spark the fire and how to put it out using various firefighting tools.

On Friday, November 12, FRB extended the training on fire safety to 60 students and staff members of Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA), in Gashora, Bugesera.

This comes after similar training on fire safety and responsing to fire emergencies, for the staff in different institutions, including RIB, service providers in Nyamagabe and Musanze districts, and employees of Bralirwa, a local brewer.

"The awareness and training of target groups goes with inspection on fire safety in their facilities like commercial buildings, hospitality establishments, public and private institutions, markets, petrol stations and companies," said Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Paul Gatambira, the Commanding Officer for FRB.

Any loopholes identified, which can lead to fire outbreak, he added, owners or the management are required to fix them.

The outreach initiative was established to equip most of Rwandans with basic skills in fire related field including understanding fire and its chemical components, types of fires and firefighting techniques as well as harmless ways to use Liquefied Petroleum Gas in homes.

It is meant to allow them prevent or respond to fire incidents in their homes and at work.

Contacts in case of fire:

111 Fire and rescue

112 Emergency

0788380427, 07380467, 0788380436: For the City of Kigali
0788311024: Northern region,
0788311023: Western region,
0788311449: Southern region,  
0788311025: Eastern region.

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