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On 13 May 2019, RNP and partners launched a 52 weeks road safety campaign targeting all categories of road users under the theme “Gerayo Amahoro” or “Arrive Safe”

Over the years, RNP has been conducting road safety campaigns dubbed "Road Safety Month/Week “in order to reduce accidents which lead to thousands of deaths and lifetime injuries.

However, despite the downward trend in accidents, root causes remain the same, human behavior. Therefore, RNP saw a need to set ambitious yet feasible target for reduction of road fatalities by organizing a 52-week sustainable campaign aimed at changing/ influencing behavior and attitude of all road users.


The campaign was divided in months under different themes.

  • MAY: Gerayo amahoro lunch with all road users
  • JUNE: Anti-drunk driving
  • JULY: Road infrastructure protection
  • AUGUST: Police month with one week of road safety
  • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: Road safety in schools
  • NOVEMBER: Awareness on distracted driving & driving while on phone
  • DECEMBER: Road safety in the festive season
  • JANUARY- MARCH: Road safety in schools

STAKEHOLDERS: ATPR, RFTC, FERWACOTAMO, ATAR, Taxi drivers, MINEDUC, MINALOC, MININFRA, RHA, BALIRWA, REB, NCC, Catholique church, CPR, RMC, 7th Adventist church, FERWAFA, FERWACY, Yego motor, Airtel and MTN

Sensitizations where done every week with different categories of road users:

  • Public bus drivers at different bus parks 
  • Motorcyclists: gathered at different stadiums 
  • Truck drivers: at trucks parks 
  • Taxi drivers: gathered at different stadiums
  • Pedestrians: on the roads, at different zebra crossings  
  • Taxi drivers: gathered at different stadiums
  • Pedestrians: on the roads, at different zebra crossings
  • Sensitizations in primary and secondary schools


  • Sensitizations in Churches and Mosques:
  • Sensitization in Football matches branding the pitch with road safety messages, brief reminders on the safe use of the roads during half time, game presenter mentions 
  • Sensitization in Tour du Rwanda with 
  • Brief lecture on road safety at different stops
  • Sensitizations in Community gatherings (Inteko z’abaturajye) 
  • Sensitizations Concerts with EAP partnership to have artists make videos advocating for road safety and sharing numbers to play at concerts and festivals
  • Sensitizations in Hospitality establishments 
  • Training of motorist in different districts of the country on roads safety and first aid



  • Always walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic 
  • Always cross on pedestrian crosswalks, look left and right, wait for vehicles to stop, cross briskly but don’t run
  • Avoid crossing the roads while using your phone or wearing earphones     


  • -Avoid using your phone while driving
  • -Don’t drink and drive
  • -Obey speed limits
  • -Respect pedestrian’s rights 
  • -Always wear your seatbelt 
  • -Regularly get your vehicle inspected 
  • -Don’t let children stand in the car while you are driving
  • -Don’t leave children in the car alone 


  • -Always wear a helmet and also give one to your passenger 
  • -Respect speed limits 
  • -Avoid bad maneuvers while driving 
  • -Don’t use your phone while riding you bike 


  • -Speak up when your driver is engaging in risky behavior 
  • -Avoid being distracted on your phone while riding on a motorbike 
  • -Don’t encourage your driver to over speed because of your personal reasons 



  • -Avoid going on the road without an adult with you 
  • -Don’t run or play on the road 
  • -Children should sit in the back with the seatbelts fastened