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MOZAMBIQUE: Rwanda Security Forces donate smartphones to local leaders

Rwanda Security Forces (RSF) fighting Islamic State-linked terrorists in Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique, in partnership with the local authorities, have donated smartphones to grassroots leaders in Mocimboa da Praia District.

The donation for village chiefs also known as, Wenyekiti, and the community force, handed over on Sunday, March 3, is meant to support community policing and civil-military cooperation initiatives.

The event was attended by Mocimboa da Praia Administrator, Sérgio Domingos Cipriano, who appreciated RSF for the initiative.

Domingos urged the beneficiaries to use the handsets for the benefit of their respective communities, by sharing timely information on anything that can cause insecurity in their localities.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Yahaya Kamunuga, the RSF Police component commander, who handed over the mobile phones, thanked the grassroots leaders and the local population for the partnership in security matters.

He, however, urged them to continue the partnership to ensure security and stability.

The mobile phones, he added, will also be given to village leaders in remote communities to ease communication as well strengthen community policing and civil-military cooperation initiatives.

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