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How often do you stop at Zebra Crossing to give right of way?

Legally, motorists are required to slow down when approaching a Zebra Crossing also known as marked crosswalk or to stop when you see a pedestrian moving onto the road.

These Zebra stripes road signs provide a safe passage for pedestrians, and must respected to give be give right of way. 

The black and white spots are meant to maintain a peaceful and safe interaction between pedestrians and moto-vehicle traffic flow.

But how often do you stop your moto-vehicle when a pedestrian has stepped out onto the crossing? 

Violation of pedestrian rights and reckless drive through Zebra Crossing, in some cases, becomes fatal.

In January and February alone, 36 road accidents occurred at Zebra Crossing in different parts of the country, killing five people. 

On Monday, March 4, Rwanda National Police (RNP) shifted the Gerayo Amahoro road safety campaign to address the problem and to save lives.

The fresh road safety awareness targets motorists on roads and highways across the country to educate them on rights of pedestrians, respect for Zebra Crossing and to drive the culture of responsibility, compliancy, complicity, patience and observance on the road.

The campaign on safer use of Zebra Crossing also target pedestrians and passengers. At some point, even drivers, motorcyclists and passengers are pedestrians.

Educating pedestrians is equally important. Although they have priority when it comes to use of Zebra Crossing, it is crucial for them to not use them carelessly.

Under normal circumstances, a pedestrian must make sure that motor-vehicles have come to a final rest before making a move to cross.

What's why you need to look left, right and left before crossing to make sure that you are 100% safe.

Remember, safety comes first and that's an individual and collective responsibility. We all need to arrive at our final destinations safely. Life that has been lost cannot be brought back.