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IN PICTURES: Gerayo Amahoro takes centre stage in after-Umuganda discussions

Using the road safely to prevent accidents and loss of lives was the centre of community discussions on Saturday, May 27, after the monthly communal work--Umuganda--as Rwandans gathered in their respective communities across the country to discuss crucial security and development matters. Read more...

GERAYO AMAHORO: Mufti Hitimana urges Muslims to respect traffic rules

The Mufti of Rwanda, Sheikh Salim Hitimana said that putting lives at risk on the road is a sin and that respecting traffic rules and regulations to save lives reflects the Islamic values.

The Mufti was speaking on Friday, May 26, during a Jummah prayer at the Islamic Cultural Centre commonly known as Gaddafi mosque in Nyamirambo as Rwanda National Police (RNP) launched Gerayo Amahoro road safety campaign in religions.

“By following traffic rules and regulations, you are saving yourself and others but if you violate them you might be killed or kill fellow road users. Risking your life and that of others is a sin in front of Allah. The word of Allah teaches us not to kill, as believers, we should wish each other well and act responsibly," Sheikh Hitimana said.  Read more...

RNP committed to enhancing peacekeeping knowledge

Rwanda National Police (RNP) remains committed to developing and enhancing knowledge and training skills of trainers to achieve its peacekeeping mandate.

While officially closing a two-week UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) course at the Police Training School (PTS) Gishari in Rwamagana District, on Friday, May 26, Commissioner of Police (CP) Bruce Munyambo said that the training is a valuable addition to the force's peacekeeping constitutional mandate.  Read more...

GERAYO AMAHORO: Safety tips for motorcyclists

On Thursday, May 25, Rwanda National Police (RNP) sensitized thousands of taxi-moto operators across the country on traffic rules and regulations as part of the strengthened national Gerayo Amahoro road safety campaign.

Considering that motorcyclists are among the majority victims of road crashes, it is imperative to educate them on safety practices for them to refrain from dangerous and behaviors, which lead to loss of lives and life-threatening injuries.  Read more...

IN PICTURES: Gerayo Amahoro campaign in schools

Gerayo Amahoro campaign continued in different schools across the country with the aim of making road safety a choice and culture.

On Wednesday, May 24, the campaign reached students from 101 primary and secondary schools, and higher institutions of learning in different parts of the country.  Read more...

Police extends Gerayo Amahoro campaign to community gatherings

Rwanda National Police (RNP) outstretched the Gerayo Amahoro road safety campaign in community gatherings across the country to further educate and influence right choices in order to further save lives on roads.

On Tuesday, May 23, Rwanda National Police addressed weekly village gatherings commonly known as 'Inteko z'abaturage' and reminded them of their responsibility as daily road users.

They were enlightened on traffic rules and regulations and urged them to comply with road safety standards not because they are bound by law but rather their choice to arrive safely to their destinations.  Read more...

GERAYO AMAHORO: Police rolls out road safety campaign in schools

Rwanda National Police (RNP) launched an all-out Gerayo Amahoro road safety awareness campaign in schools across the country as part of the national efforts to influence behavioral change to prevent carnage and make school going children safe on the road.

On the first day on Monday, May 22, the campaign was conducted in 122 primary and secondary schools in different parts of the country.

In City of Kigali, the campaign was conducted in 20 schools, 36 in the Eastern Province, 30 in Northern Province, and 29 schools in Southern and Western provinces.  Read more...