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PHOTOS: Police urges motorcyclists and cyclists on road safety

On Thursday, September 7, Rwanda National Police (RNP) continued its road safety awareness as Police officers engaged motorcyclists and cyclists in different parts of the country, on safer road usage.

At different sites, Police explained to motorcyclists and cyclists some of their reckless behaviors on road, which are sometimes fatal.

At least 53 percent of road accidents registered between January and June this year, across the country, involved motorcyclists and cyclists. Some 98 people died and other 46 sustained serious injuries during the same period.

Most accidents resulted from speeding, dangerous maneuvers, holding onto moving trucks on hilly roads, overloading, cyclists operating at night, riding when intoxicated, violating traffic lights and other traffic rules.

RNP spokesperson, ACP Boniface Rutikanga educating motorcyclists and cyclists in Kigali on safer road usage.


The campaign is designed to remind motorcyclists to always use low beam headlights whenever they use the road; avoid driving under the influence of alcohol; avoid riding without wearing a helmet as well as their passenger; driving at the prescribed speed or regulating speed; refraining from swerving into other vehicles; wrong and dangerous overtaking; avoid overloading and using the phone while riding; and to respect pedestrian rights.


Cyclists are reminded to stop holding onto moving vehicles, avoid speeding downhill, stop operating beyond 6p.m and riding in middle of the road; to respect pedestrian walkways, not to transport heavy luggage sometimes impeding traffic flow; and to respect traffic control signposts.

Road safety awareness in Kayonza District

Police officers in Ngoma District engaging motorcyclists and cyclists on road safety behaviours.

Road safety awareness in Musanze District

Road safety awareness in Huye District