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On Saturday, 17 August, 2019, Rwanda National Police (RNP) officially closed the 2019 Police Month that started on July 15.

The Police Month was held under the theme: “19 years of partnership in policing towards sustainable safety and better livelihood for communities.”

Police Month activities focused on raising awareness against gender based violence and teenage pregnancy, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, environmental conservation (including the 8th edition of RNP and City of Kigali Security and Hygiene campaign), and a road safety campaign.

At events to mark the end of Police Month 2019, that were conducted across all the districts of Rwanda, 30 new three-bedroom houses (fully equipped with bedding, chairs, and a modern kitchen) were connected with solar power systems and handed over to vulnerable families (one from each district) that were selected by the RNP leadership, provincial Governors, and district authorities.

Commenting on the 2019 Police Month, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza, said: “A strong partnership between Police and the public is the foundation for the crime-free villages we see emerging , and the safety and security the country is enjoying. When we enhance this partnership, we do so for the betterment of our communities.”

He added: “Security is a wide aspect, poor living conditions are an indicator of insecurity. This is why the RNP emphasizes human security in its policing structures; the aim is to support the nation's development agenda by improving the quality of life for Rwandans , especially by addressing concerns that would otherwise give rise to security issues and crime.”

The Police Chief also emphasized the importance of public responsiveness against illicit drugs, gender based violence, corruption, child pregnancy and human trafficking, among other issues of concern to security and law enforcement.

During the month-long activities, RNP also constructed six village offices and connected 3000 households that are located far from the national grid with solar energy; the institution also covered health insurance premiums (mutuelle de sante) for 3000 vulnerable people, and more than 1000 Police officers donated blood to boost the national blood bank during Police Month 2019.

An entire week was dedicated to raising awareness against illicit drugs. Among the substances destroyed were: 1600kgs and 8324 pellets of cannabis ; 34157 sachets of assorted illicit gin (packed in banned polythene bags); and over 241,000 liters of “Kanyanga” and other locally distilled illicit substances. These substances had been seized in different police operations across the country.

In collaboration with partners in justice, health and governance sectors, RNP provided psycho-trauma counseling and medical assistance to teen mothers and victims of gender based violence. These activities were held at GBV clinics in various parts of the country.

Around 230 teen mothers were sensitized on the importance of registering their children and were helped to register them.

In the week dedicated to environmental protection, the RNP organized activities to test vehicle emissions and delivered messages related to fighting environmental pollution; activities for public awareness in communities living in high risk zones and wetlands were focused on encouraging them to relocate to safer zones. Other activities aimed at enlightening the public on existing laws and policies on environmental protection, including the policy on non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Operations against polythene bags were conducted across the country, especially in towns and trading centers. Traffickers and sellers of banned plastic bags were arrested and hundreds of boxes of non-biodegradable materials were impounded.

The month-long community development activities focused on cementing people-centered policing and raised awareness against high impact crimes.

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