Public warned against illegal activities

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) cautions members of the public against involving in illegal activities and trying to challenge security organs when caught in criminal acts.

This follows the Tuesday incident in Kigali where a Police officer on patrol, in self-defence, shot and injured a notorious thief, who had tried to fight back and to disarm him.

The thug had tried to steal from a vehicle at traffic lights next to Bank of Kigali headquarters.

The victim is a renowned thief who has been jailed on several occasions for various criminal acts.

There are some individuals who hide under the illegal business of hawking and do other criminal acts like pick-pocketing, snatching ladies bags and vandalising car windows to steal electronics and other things.

These are illegal and criminal acts that affect public safety and can’t be tolerated and anyone caught will be dealt with accordingly.

Those involved in this illegal street business are also advised to operate in allocated markets.

Public are also urged to abide by the law and respect Police officers or other security agencies on duty.

The general populations are also called upon to provide information on anyone that could be involved in criminal activities.

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