Press Release

Rwanda National Police (RNP) today confirmed that fugitive Joel Mutabazi, a former RDF lieutenant wanted under an International Arrest Warrant and an Interpol Red Notice for terrorism and other crimes in Kigali, has been handed over by Ugandan authorities.

Police spokesperson ACP Damas Gatare said:

"Contrary to media reports of an alleged abduction, we have Lt Joel Mutabazi in custody following his arrest and handover by Uganda Police. This was done in keeping with ongoing collaboration between Rwanda and Uganda police to fight and prevent transnational organised crimes through Interpol and the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) framework. Lt Mutabazi will face the due process of the law."

Investigations by RNP had identified Mutabazi as a suspect in grenade attacks in Rwanda as part of a larger network led by the dissident Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in collaboration with the FDLR, remnants of genocidal forces operating from DRC.

ACP Gatare pointed out that RNP had requested the arrest and return of Mutabazi in keeping with the force's mandate to investigate and bring to justice those suspected of crimes in Rwanda:

"Mutabazi and his associates are suspected of serious crimes, including terrorism acts that have claimed many innocent lives - no criminal should escape legal accountability. Rwanda National Police will continue to seek the arrest and extradition of suspected criminals through lawful means, including cooperation with neighbouring countries."


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