SOUTH SUDAN: Rwandan Police contingent start capacity building programme for local Police

The recently deployed Rwanda Formed Police Unit One (FPU-1) operating in Malakal, Upper Nile State under the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), has started training the local Police in various policing disciplines as part of its new mandate.

FPU-1 contingent of 240 officers under the command of Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Faustin Kalimba, was deployed under the rotation exercise.

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The capacity building exercise conducted on April 28th and 29th benefited 44 South Sudan Police officers operating in Malakal. It was conducted in consideration of the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

The training focused on good practices in safe handling, arrest, search and detention of the suspect as well as respect for human rights in the course of enforcing the law.

“Our peacekeeping mandate goes beyond protection of civilian in camps, escort duties and humanitarian assistance to developing the capacity of the local Police and other entities and groups that play part in the safety and peace building process,” said CSP Kalimba.

The UNMISS mandate is currently transition from Protection of Civilian (PoC) to capacity building.

He added: “We have started with 44 officers, who were given skills in Police tactics and techniques; methods of search and arrest, handcuffing methods, positioning, attitude, protection of the suspect and safety of Police officers during enforcement, teamwork, effective communication and sharing of information.

More related training and awareness programmes will be conducted focusing on different aspects of policing including people-centered policing, peace, human rights and public order management targeting different groups.”

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