RNP conducts refresher course for private security companies

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has started refresher training for private security service providers' personnel to further increase their understanding and readiness in security matters.

The training, which will be extended to security guards in the 16 private security companies registered in Rwanda, started on Thursday, May 5, in Kigali with the first batch of 50 personnel from Topsec Investments Limited.

At least 100 security guards from Topsec will be trained in the next two days.

The refresher course is designed to raise the private security guards' readiness and alertness at the facilities under their protection.

It, therefore, covers key aspects such as counter-terrorism, professional searching, customer care and patriotism, among others.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean Nepomuscene Mbonyumuvunyi, Commissioner for Infrastructure Security and Private Security Providers (ISPSP), said that private security companies contribute a lot to the overall safety and that it is important for them to always acquire new skills to move with the security trend.

"Be professional and offer quality services. Remember, as the country continues to develop including advanced technology, crimes also keep changing shape, which also requires you to continue training and acquiring modern skills," ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said while opening the training.

Emmanuel Kabera, the managing director for Topsec, said that continuous training helps them to further improve skills and knowledge to ensure maximum security of facilities and key installations.

"We protect key facilities like hotels and commercial buildings. This training, therefore, brings key aspects of our day-to-day duties to ensure that everyone, who works or comes to these facilities feels safe.

That starts with how we search people, customer care and our overall alertness and readiness to keep up to the task professionally," Kabera said.

He added that efficiency goes with strong partnership between the Police and private security companies as well as between security companies themselves.

"Although there is good cooperation and collaboration with the Police in security matters, there is also need for stronger partnership between security companies to share information and experiences which contribute greatly to the work we do to contribute to safety and security in our country," Kabera said.

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