Nyarugenge luggage carriers urged to step up against crimes

The District Police commander (DPC) of Nyarugenge has urged manual workers commonly known as abakarani, in the district to stand up against any illegal activities in their areas of operation.

 Chief Superintendent, Dismas Rutaganira, made the call on Tuesday at the Catholic Youth Centre (JOC) in Muhima sector where he met with about 150 heads and representatives of associations of manual workers in Nyarugenge.

 He challenged them to be agents of crime prevention by providing information on anything that may be a threat to security.

 He asked them to shun drugs saying they are hazardous and a fuel other crimes like rape, theft and assault.

“Drugs such as cannabis and illicit beers are a big enemy to human life,” he observed.

 Rutaganira told the youth to keep a deaf ear to illusions that drugs act as energizers.

 Jean Batiste Nduwayezu, an official in the Catholic Youth Center advised the youth to form or join cooperatives as one of the easy ways to acquire loans to start small income generating activities.

 The youth recommend that such meetings be held periodically to ensure the youth get to know several government development’s programs through interaction with Rwanda National Police and different other government organs.

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