Minister Gasana chairs 'Police High Council'

The Minister of Internal Security, Alfred Gasana, on Friday December 17, chaired the 'Police High Council' and commended the force's efforts, commitment and capabilities in maintaining safety and security in the country.

Police High Council is the Rwanda National Police (RNP) supreme organ bringing together the leadership, heads of departments and territorial units, which convenes quarterly to review the force's policing strategies and to lay out priorities to be undertaken to further improve security and professionalize the force in line with the evolving policing landscape.

The Council was also attended by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza and Deputy IGPs; Felix Namuhoranye of Operations and Marie Chantal Ujeneza of Administration and Personnel.

Minister Gasana said that the Council provides an opportunity to discuss and give a new line to the RNP responsibilities and security priorities.

“Success is a result of effective strategic framework, commitment, discipline resilience, professionalism and further building capabilities. You have set that line, continue to build from it to serve to the best of the people's expectation," Minister Gasana said.

He added: “International organizations rank Rwanda among the safest countries around the world and the role of Rwanda National Police for this achievement is tremendous and recognized by Rwandans and friends of Rwanda. Do not lean back.”

Minister Gasana also commended the role of RNP in the enforcement of government Covid-19 prevention directives and called for continued efforts to contain its spread adding that it will be defeated if such efforts are mantained.

He further reassured the government's continued support to overcome the any identified challenges.

IGP Dan Munyuza highlighted that steady measures have been set to maintain security and the Council provides an occasion to assess different strategies ahead of the festive period.

“Police will not cease its operations to maintain security and law enforcement across the country and proactive measures have been set," IGP Munyuza said.

Enforcement of government directives against the pandemic, he added, will continue to be strengthened in partnership with other relevant institutions and community policing groups.

IGP Munyuza thanked the national leadership for supporting RNP in capacity building and infrastructure development. He added that Police will further build the capacity in its all policing disciplines to enforce law and order, and prevent crimes despite some challenges.

The Council attracted over 200 officers including commissioners, commanders of units, regional and district commanders, seniors and junior officers as well as representatives of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) from all territorial and specialized police units and was held in strict adhering with the Covid-19 prevention guidelines including the negative test-results for every participant.

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