FIGHTING NARCOTIC DRUGS: Police arrest two dealers with over 45kgs of cannabis

Two suspected drug dealers were arrested separately in Burera and Kicukiro districts with 45kgs and 487 rolls of cannabis.

One of the suspects, a woman, was arrested Monday, March 6, in Imena village, Bwerankori cell, Kigarama sector of Kicukiro District with 487 pellets of cannabis.

On Sunday, March 5, Police in Burera District also apprehended another drug dealer in Kivuye sector, Nyirataba cell, Kivumu village with 45kgs of cannabis.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Alex Ndayisenga, the Northern Region Political and Civic Education Officer (RPCEO), said that the arrest of the suspect in Kivumu followed information provided by residents on his criminal activities.

"It was a group of three suspected drug dealers, who had sneaked the narcotics into Rwanda from Uganda through a porous border point in Kivuye sector. One of them was apprehended but two of his accomplices fled in the process. They had sacks of cannabis weighing 45kgs," SP Ndayisenga said.

The search for the two accomplices is still underway, he added.

Meanwhile, the suspect in Kicukiro District was Kigarama sector where she was at the time supplying her clients.

"Police found her in possession of 180 pellets of cannabis. They also searched her house where they recovered other 370 rolls of cannabis," CIP Sylvestre Twajamahoro, the Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said.

These are part of the continuous Police operations to break chains of supply. The successful operations are also attributed to the ownership of the public in reporting drug dealers either operating in their communities or using them as transit route.

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