Police cautions drivers on fire accidents

Bus burnt to ashes (Foto: RNP Media Center)

Forensic experts from the Rwanda National Police are investigating what might have caused a public bus to burn into ashes last night.

A Coaster bus No. RAB521I burst into flames around 1:00AM along the Nyabugogo highway towards the bus park, but there were no deaths or injuries reported. Only the driver, who was unharmed, was in the bus.

The Police Fire brigade arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire, but the bus had already burnt to no repair.

The fire is suspected to have been caused by an electrical default in the bus’s system.

Senior superintendent Urbain Mwiseneza, the Central Region Police Spokesperson, said drivers should regularly inspect their vehicles.

He said drivers should be aware that faults in vehicle wiring systems are responsible for the majority of reported fire accidents. Drivers should thus take it seriously; it is a serious risk driving a vehicle with electric defaults.

Drivers are also advised to carry fire extinguishers all the time.


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