Rwanda National Police warns parents

Rwanda National Police is warning parents to stop abandoning their children.

The call follows several reported cases of children drowning in water ponds and swimming pools.

Children under 15 years need constant parental attention. Such children should not be abandoned or allowed to play around water ponds and swimming pools without being watched.

Lakes and other water bodies pose a serious danger to children. The Rwanda National Police appeals to parents and guardians to pay more attention.

Drowning commonly happens in two trends. Children in rural areas tend to drown in ponds, lakes and/or rivers. Many children who live near lakes and rivers are tempted to go fishing or swimming without elders watching.

The second scenario is for children in urban areas. Most children in urban areas drown in swimming pools. When children have no attendant or trainer, it is very important that they remain at close range of their parents or any elder person.
It is a parental obligation to take care of their children, but also a responsibility of every Rwandan to protect children against any harm.

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