Financial institutions urged to security gadgets

Financial institutions need to reinforce their security by installing more security gadgets as preventive measures against theft.

ACP Tony Kulamba, the Deputy Commissioner for CID, made the call this week, as he addressed media on the outcome of the operation against organised criminals, conducted this month.

He said financial institutions, especially those operating in rural areas lack security equipment, which pose danger to their businesses.  

He also advised the public to avoid moving with large sums of money, which he said could make them potential targets from gangs.

“We advise them to come to us for any assistance needed, but they need also to take precautions,” he said.

He urged them to install CCTV cameras in their banks to facilitate investigations, in case of any robbery.

ACP Kuramba lauded the public for their continued support in fighting and preventing crimes, but appealed to them to strengthen the noble cause by provide information on any illegal act.

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