Don’t play with explosives

The Rwanda National police urges citizens to be very careful in case they come across any object they suspect to be an explosive and report them to security organs and other concerned authorities.

A number of these weapons are suspected to be still buried underground following the 1990-1994 liberation struggle, and the 1997 insurgencies in the Northern region, and pose danger to people’s lives, especially children.

A number of these explosives have been recovered by people digging latrines, trenches, building or farming.

It is in this regard that, Rwanda National Police advises citizens not to play along with explosives but instead mark the scene with a red cloth and notify security organs for disposal.

Rwanda National Police also appeals to the members of the general public that could still be keeping these weapons illegally or know their whereabouts, to voluntary surrender them to the nearby security organs.

There is no criminal liability to any person, who surrenders a weapon voluntarily.

A number of people that owned these weapons illegally have voluntarily surrendered them.

Over 32, 000 illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons and over 100 tonnes of ammunitions have been destroyed since 2006.

Any person who illegally possesses, lends or gives an arm, or falsifies its identification marks, under article 671 of the penal code, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of six months to one year and a fine of Rwf300, 000 to Rwf3 million or one of these penalties.

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