Clerics urged to sensitize followers on security

Clerics have been called upon to use their platform to sensitize their followers to stand up against anything that might cause insecurity and to provide information on any one that could be involved in illegal activities.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege made the call on Thursday during a meeting with heads of various religious denominations operating in Gasabo District.

He appealed to the clerics to go beyond their church administration to identify their followers that could be having domestic wrangles and help them iron out their conflicts.

He also urged them to always provide with police a list of such families to help them before they turn to violence.

ACP Bosco Rangira, the Central Region Police Commander observed that churches “are homes of various people, even the sinners, who sometimes come to ask for forgiveness.”

“That trust people have in you should be utilized,” ACP Rangira said.
Louise Uwimana, the district vice mayor in charge of social affairs, reiterated that churches and police have a lot in common, since they all aim at creating a peaceful community, thus a need to strengthen their cooperation of the good of the people.

Church leaders also pledged to work together with police to further change the mindset of Rwandans that are still involved in criminal acts.

“It’s high time every man of God reaches out to those in need, those facing family conflicts and the youth involved in evil activities like drug abuse, to preach and advise them how to live better,” Pastor Venantie Abatoni, said.

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