Police intercept 432 sachets of illegal gin

Police in Gicumbi District, on Tuesday seized 432 sachets of chief waragi and 16 litres of kanyanga.

Sachets were recovered in Cyumba sector, Nyaruka cell while kanyanga was recovered in Manyagiro sector in Kabuga cell.

The District Police Commander, Chief Supt. Fred Ndoli, said the fight against drug trade and consumption in the area has led to the arrest of many dealers.

“We work with the public, motorists and conducts targeted operations, cordon-and-search, and the Uganda Police force; this has helped us to get more information on the dealers, and most of them arrested,” he explained.

“We have had cases where cyclists, on identifying that some of the luggage given to them are illegal; they bring them to us and provide us with information of the owner. We are now going an extra mile to establish an anti-crime club in motorists, to supplement the current strategies against crimes, and to boost our mobilizations,” he added.

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