Man held over wife’s death

Police in Kamonyi district apprehended a man identified as Theogene Niyoyita for allegedly killing his wife.

The blood act occurred on August 18 in Mpushi cell of Musambira sector when Niyoyita hacked his wife, Florence Uwimana, 30, over family disputes.

Niyoyita is detained at Musambira Police station.

The suspect claimed the deceased smeared some hubs on his body, apparently to chase away evil spirits in their house, which made him lose his senses that made him commit the inhuman act.

The wife, he claimed, got the hubs from a traditional healer.

Police investigations, however, indicate that the suspect was drunk at the time he committed the offence.

Chief Inspector (CIP) Boniface Kagenza, District Police Commander said the suspect could have acted under the influence of drugs.
CIP Kagenza called upon the public to stand up against anything that might sour their peace and security in their localities, and to strengthen the campaign against drugs in particular by providing information on the dealers.

“Even when any misunderstanding ensures in families or between people, there are many platforms, local administration and a judicial system ready to help them rather than putting themselves in problems by trying to do justice on their own,” he explained.
He also advised families to work hard instead of making theories that their prospect are hampered by evil spirits.
Niyoyita will be charged with spousal homicide, which is punishable with a life sentence, under article 142 of the penal code.
Any person who kills his/her spouse commits spousal homicide.

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