Students, utilize your holidays

All primary and secondary school students in the country are currently in holidays, which started about a month ago.
Primary six, senior three and senior six students are also enjoying their vacation, as they wait to take another step in their education career.
Students consider this period as “relaxing and refraining from anything academic;” no homework, school uniform or early mornings.
Such holidays should be a time to be with parents and help them, embark on family projects.
They say “an idle mind is the workshop of the devil.” This should therefore be a challenge to parents to watch over their children, give them what to do instead of leaving them to do whatever they like.
Students can also revise their notes.
In a bid to acquire more skills and knowledge, students particularly those in the capital Kigali can visit the national library located in Kacyiru of Gasabo District.
Holidays can mean being away from uniform and class-works, but it should be time to be part of their family development.
Some students have gone an extra mile of engaging in criminal acts like drug abuse, drunkenness and being party animals. Peer influence is a dangerous disease among the youth, especially in holidays, which at times results into unwanted pregnancies and eventually school drop outs.
The youth constitutes the largest percentage of Rwanda’s population; it is
therefore paramount that they get well nurtured to help them turn into
competitive citizens who will drive the country’s development agenda.
Parents must, therefore, play a primary role of protecting their children by mainly interacting with them, to easily identify each and every one’s behaviors and draw mechanisms to keep them busy.

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