Reckless driving blamed for Sunday road accidents

Five road accidents were recorded on Sunday, killing four people living eight others injured, which the traffic and road safety department said were due to reckless driving and mechanical faults.

The accidents occurred in the districts of Gasabo, Rubavu, Kamonyi and Muhanga, where one person died in each of the incidents.

In Rubavu, a truck collided with commuter taxi killing one person on spot and injuring the eight others. The injured were taken to Gisenyi hospital.

The traffic spokesperson, Superintendent JMV Ndushabandi, cautioned drivers for deviate traffic regulations.

“We have, time and again, appealed to road users to abide by the road traffic rules; though it has yielded commendable results, there are some, who have kept deaf ears, which has continued to claim innocent lives, a loss we are not in position to keep-up with,” he stated.

He also appealed to cyclists, especially those riding on highways, whom he said they, partly attribute to such accidents, to avoid bad maneuvers.

289 accidents were registered between January and July this year countrywide, down from 509 recorded in the same period last year, due to stringent measures established to improve road security.

The traffic department introduced new snap checks and patrol vehicles on highways and acquired more speed radars.
 1369 people were also injured in road accidents that occurred in this year’s first seven months, down from 1795 recorded in the same period last year.

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