Don’t be a victim of mudslide. Vacate “High Risk Zones”

Areas demarcated as “high risk zones” pose threat to lives of families living in such places.

A number of people residing in such areas have become victims of landslides and their property and houses destroyed.

The government and districts in particular allocated areas where families living in high risks areas can relocate to. Some families have honoured this call while others still reside in such dangerous areas, putting their lives at stake.

As the rainy season is around the corner, Rwanda National Police (RNP), calls upon families living in these dangerous places to vacate as soon as possible
Citizens are considered as the country’s wealth, and loss of any life means loss of manpower and consequently wealth.

Rwanda National Police appeals to those families that still live in wetlands, hilly or other areas considered risky, to abide by the country’s safety programmes and relocate to safe zones.

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