Embracing modern farming to prevent poverty another smart move to prevent crimes

Currently, it’s hard to filter hunger or poverty from insecurity. You cannot therefore look at security without tackling “food security.”
Food insecurity, on the other hand, means limited or uncertain availability of adequate and safe foods or the inability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.
Food security means availability, access, utilization, and stability. It is good to say that there has been steady progress in improving food security and nutrition in Rwanda over the last seven years.
Rwanda National Police has realised that food security is another tool in crime prevention, thus having it among its areas of priority.
We, as dignified Rwandans, therefore, should swallow with leak many initiatives established to improve food security and prevent poverty in particular.
The land consolidation and green revolution programmes, the availed cheap fertilizers are all intended to lift families out of poverty by increasing production.
Some individuals have, however, leaned against these development strategies thus buying and smuggling such industrial fertilizers.
 This is something we should all fight collectively without fear or favour.
First, by selling your fertilizers means you are inviting poverty in your family, you are denying your dependants basic necessities and a better future. In short, you are luring your children, and yourself, into criminal acts like theft, for survival, which I suppose is what you want.
Nevertheless, we have to stand-up, support such good initiatives and fight those that want to stall them by reporting them to authorities.
Let’s embrace these modern ways of farming in order to stabilize our homes by kicking poverty out of our homes.

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