Treat your job like the last, Fight poverty, prevent crimes

For one to survive, needs to have basic necessities (source of income to say the least). Both the salaried and self-employed people survive on their earnings to offer basic needs to their dependants and to plan ahead.

Can you survive without anyone holding your arm or without a job? (Hardly)
But can being joblessness and having no support lure you into criminal activities, for survival? Most likely, “Yes.”

Such people will resort to stealing and the sort, to survive. The needy person wants what others have and they will be forced to get it through illegal channels.

Others will look at things like prostitution, for the case of some Males and females, for survival.

But we all know that there are other ways to earn a living than using such excuses.

We are honored to have focused leaders, who tirelessly devise means to help such people face the future with a smile. This is an opportunity we should all look up to…and grasp.

Universal education – 12-Year Basic Education – vocational trainings, Ubudehe, One Cow per household (Gir’Inka), to mention but a few, were all initiated to support all levels of people, to walk to the future with a grin.

Secondly, we shouldn’t undermine any kind of job. Grab every opportunity that comes your way...treat it like your last. Tomorrow never comes.

Don’t wait for the point of no return – regret.

Access to finance has also been eased. Just by forming a cooperative society is a direct ticket to securing finances from financial institutions.

Former fruits vendors and prostitutes can testify to this.

We have seen cooperative societies like “New Life Tugarurumuco” and 'Umuhuza Mw 'Isuku' making it through after abandoning streets where they were doing dirty things, and you too can.

These groups have succeeded through forming crafts and hygiene cooperatives, among others. Others have joined together and started groceries, a better way to sell hygienic fruits.

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