Smuggling harmful to economy

Smuggling is illegal under the Rwandan laws. It severely harms the economy of a country in multidimensional ways. It undermines the local industry, discourages legal imports and reduces the volume of revenues collected from duties and levies by the state.

It is also likely to bring into market, substandard products, some of them which might have negative impact on people’s health.

This is why Rwanda National Police (RNP) partnered with Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) to curb on illegal trade.

A Police unit – Revenue Protection Department – was therefore instituted to combat this unlawful business in Rwanda.

A number of people have been arrested in connection with this unlawful business and goods sneaked into the country through illegal channels, seized.

The business community should therefore understand that besides being unlawful, smuggling is most likely to hurt their business since the act includes imprisonment, confiscation of the goods found with and a fine of up to ten times the value of seized goods.

As Rwandans, we, therefore, shouldn’t allow anything that is likely to be harmful to our health and economy.

Report cases of smuggling…save life and economy. Through this, you will be fighting substandard products from entering the market, which might be harmful to health.

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