Rwanda National Police in Umuganda

As Rwandans today conducted the monthly tradition - Umuganda - Rwanda National  Police joined residents of Gasabo district to clear a site in Bwiza, Ndera sector where trees will be planted.

The RNP has been conducting various programmes to protect the environment including planting of 300 hectares of trees in different parts of the country.
Police operating in other parts of the country also joined residents in various development activities.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Administration and Personnel, Stanley Nsabimana, the mayor of Gasabo Willy Ndizeye and William Ntidendereze, the executive secretary of Itorero ry’igihugu.

After the community work, there was a moment of discussion on various development initiatives, including Ndi Umunyarwanda, which aims at narrating past experience and forgiveness to furthe unite and reconcile Rwandans.

Mr Ntidendereza urged Gasabo residents to spread this initiative, discuss their past experience, have a heart to forgive, adding that no one will come to unite Rwandans.

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