Let’s step up campaign on hygiene

Cleanliness is a key factor to good health. Lack of hygiene may result into diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera, among others, and has a direct relation to poverty and consequently insecurity.
Sickness means expenditure (unwanted expenses), limited time for business or farming and a stress factor to family and friends.
Hygiene is the cheapest thing to keep you safe and health. Wash your hands with a soap every after visiting a toilet and before and after meals, brush your teeth, at least twice daily and take a bath.
Don’t sneeze or cough on others. Wash your clothes and remove water ponds around your house.
Health experts say one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal hygiene.
Wash and keep the utensils in hygienic place. Keep your house clean. Hygiene has direct link to development because it also attracts investment.
The Land of Thousand Hill – Rwanda – is defined by its beauty and cleanliness.
In 2010, Rwanda won the the Habitat Scroll of Honour Award from UN-Habitat. The award was based on Kigali’s innovations in modernizing the city symbolized by zero tolerance for plastics, improved garbage collection and a substantial reduction in crime in Kigali.
Rwanda National Police (RNP) is currently running a campaign to improve sanitation and hygiene is the City of Kigali.
This is because cleanliness is linked to safety.
Let’s continue defining our path, as dignified Rwandans putting hygiene forward.

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