[PHOTOS]: RNP, FERWAFA partner in promoting road safety

Rwanda National Police (RNP) and the Federation of Rwanda Football Association (FERWAFA) have joined partnership to further influence road users' actions to respect traffic rules and regulations.

The partnership was launched on Day One of the National Football League at Amahoro stadium during the match between Rayon Sports and Gasogi Football Club.

The campaign was launched by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizamunda and the president of the national football body, Brig Gen. (retired) Jean Damascene Sekamana.

The launch was marked by road safety messages read by captains of the two teams, which emphasized on "individual responsibility" in abiding by road safety standards.

In his message prior to the match kick-off, Gasogi United FC vice-captain, said: "Road Safety is the responsibility of us all, let us respect traffic rules to prevent accidents."

He added: "Pedestrians, walk on the left side of the road facing incoming traffic; avoid crossing the road using a phone or with earphones; wear a helmet at all times when using a motorcycle; arrive safely."

Rayon Sports captain, Eric Rutanga, in his message, said: "When you drink don't drive; respect and regulate your speed; don't use a phone while driving."

He added: "Don't tamper with the speed governor; be a responsible passenger, report bad driving; let us respect traffic rules and regulations to prevent accidents, which kill and injure many people."

RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, during the press briefing, said that this partnership is another step in reaching out to another group of road users.

"Football is loved and supported by many people, all who use the road as passengers, drivers and pedestrians. Players too are road users. This partnership with FERWAFA is, therefore, a good platform to reach out and educate many people on safer road usage," CP Kabera said.

"We want players and their supporters to arrive safely, but also ensure that they adhere to traffic rules and regulations, and respect rights of other road users."

"Last year, we had about 600 road fatalities, 400 lives have also been lost this year, and 90 percent of these accidents are preventable. When you lose lives due to speeding or drunk-driving you can't call that an accident and these are some of the major causes this campaign is trying to address."

"We are not stopping people from enjoying but when you drink don't be a security threat to other road users, find other safer ways to go home; also ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy."

FERWAFA Secretary General, Regis Uwayezu said that they are happy to strengthen this partnership with the Police for the safety of all Rwandans.

"Police is always our first partner because security is our priority at all football venues. We are happy to take this partnership to another level to ensure the safety of big movements of people travelling to support their teams," Uwayezu said.

He added that under this partnership, verbal and static messages will be conveyed at all national league matches throughout the season.

This campaign, which targets football fanatics comes to reinforce other Gerayo Amahoro campaign initiatives meant to influence behavioural change to
prevent road carnage.

The year-long campaign also targets schools, churches, all categories of drivers, motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians, among others.

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