Rwanda National Police participates in Umuganda

DIGP Stanley Nsabimana addressing police officers and residents of Jali, shortly after Umuganda. (Photo: RNP Media Center)

Rwanda National Police (RNP) joined residents of Jali sector in Gasabo District to construct terraces in Nyamitanga cell to prevent soil erosion.

The terraces on a 14-hectare hill are valued at over Rwf2.2 million.

Robert Habimana, Jali executive secretary thanked Rwanda National Police for going beyond its mandate, to support Rwandans in terms of “human security.”

“It has become a friendly force to the public,” Habimana observed.

“Waters from Jali hill was a threat to the lives and could wash away soils towards the main road, which was solved with the construction of terraces,” he said.

The Deputy Inspector of Police, Stanley Nsabimana said this monthly community work is also a norm in the force in different parts of the country and in Gasabo in particular.

The RNP planted 20 hectares of trees in Gasogi, Rusororo sector of Gasabo.

He appealed to Rwandans to be agents of environmental protection by planting trees.

During the community work, two explosives, including a grenade, were recovered.

The DIGP urged Rwandans to always report any suspicious object to security organs to avoid any things dangerous that might arise.

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