[PHOTOS]: Ivory Coast anti-corruption delegation visits RNP

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizamunda, on Friday, received a six-man delegation from various institutions in Ivory Coast charged with fighting corruption.

The delegation was headed by the Technical Adviser of the High Authority for Good Governance, Dago Désiré.

Discussions dwelt much on measures taken by Rwanda National Police (RNP) against graft, either within the force or in other government and private entities.

Internally, DIGP Marizamunda said that the force focuses on uplifting the welfare of Police officers both at work and in their social lives, continuous checks to sustain the zero-tolerance policy, as well as easy and timely communication systems including toll-free lines to facilitate effective response.

“We promote ethical conduct among police officers and uphold high levels of professionalism; we constantly upgrade detection mechanisms and shifting to use of technology in police services to prevent physical contact with the people,” DIGP Marizamunda said.

He noted that the establishment of the Police Disciplinary, Anti-corruption and Inspectorate of Services and Ethics dockets was a deliberate approach to ensure professionalism, enforce the law and policies in partnership with other public and private entities charged with fighting corruption.

“We work with the Office of Ombudsman and other related organs on a daily basis, senior officers and commissioners declare and justify the origin of their property every year, as a national policy,” he said.

The head of delegation commended RNP and national effort to minimize corruption. He said they learned many things to be recommended to their Police institution back home in order to fight against corruption.

“We heard that Rwanda is among less corrupt countries and we wanted to learn from these successful experiences, which we hope to adopt like exposing corrupt officials and enacting punitive laws,” Dago said.

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