Parents, spare time to chat with your children on reproductive growth

If you ask some of the parents, if they spare time to chat with their children on issues to do with reproductive growth, some will not hesitate to say that having such a talk is a breach to culture and a taboo.

Remember, as they grow-up, children are always curious of their reproductive growth.

For instance, some of the young boys and girls think having sex cures pimples.

Both merciless men and women hide behind this ignorance and misconception to spoil these young ladies and boys, resulting into the teenagers (ladies) being pregnant to drop from school, among other consequences.

Hence, if you really want your children not to be victims of such a misconception, be open and explain to them how their bodies evolve and function, and in finally, what to abstain from.

By so doing, you will prevent your children from any harm which could result from sex related ignorance or misconception.

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